Vata Personality!

Light, thin built

Irregular hunger and digestion

Light interrupted sleep

Tendency to worry

Learn quickly and forget quickly

Pitta Personality!

Medium built and strength

Sharp intellect

Sharp hunger and thirst

Tendency towards anger

Precise speech

Kapha Personality!

Solid powerful built

Relaxed personality

Gain weight easily and loose slowly

Cool and calm nature

Have thick, dark and wavy hair

  • Our body is made up of 3 elements (doshas),i.e., vata(air), pitta(fire), kapha(water).

  • Imbalance in the Tridoshas is the first sign that mind and body are not coordinated.

  • Restoring these doshas opens up the possibility of a mind-body system that is always balanced, always healthy and always evolving.

  • Just as there are doshas, there are 3 basic types of human constitution in the Ayurvedic system, depending upon which of the doshas is dominant.