Vata Personality!

Light, thin built

Irregular hunger and digestion

Light interrupted sleep

Tendency to worry

Learn quickly and forget quickly

Pitta Personality!

Medium built and strength

Sharp intellect

Sharp hunger and thirst

Tendency towards anger

Precise speech

Kapha Personality!

Solid powerful built

Relaxed personality

Gain weight easily and loose slowly

Cool and calm nature

Have thick, dark and wavy hair


My boss is a fitness freak and my fitness level… let’s say was far from ideal. So he was constantly coxing me to improve my health. Finally one day I decided to give it try and asked him for advice. This is when he referred me to Ms.Sheeba.
Now I am a total foodie and dislike any restriction on my diet. So I was extremely skeptical about the whole idea. What I learned over the last 3 months is something that has completely changed my attitude towards food and health. Shebaji introduced me to the idea of right eating. Right eating means eating the right food at the right time in the right quantity. She studied my body and accordingly replaced the food I was eating with different more healthy foods. The good part was the replacements were quite good and interesting. So I quickly adapted to the new diet and the results were amazing. I lost 13 Kgs in three months with her fat loss muscle gain diet.Now I feel much better and am going to continue my journey towards a very healthy life..
Now I do indulge occasionally but responsibly and know how to get back on track. So while I continue to be a foodie the platter has changed and the timing is right and I know how to manage any deviation without impacting the overall health. It is an amazing empowering feeling. I would like to thank Ms.Sheeba for her help and guidance.
Let me end with an incident that happened about a year back. I was visiting one of my younger cousin. He told me “Bhaiya, Do you really want to lose weight and live a healthy life? Because I know if you want to you will do it.” Those words really stuck on to me and 8 months later I joined the course with Shebaji. So my question to you is “DO you really want to live a healthy life?” If the answer from the bottom of your heart is a big “YES” then I think Ms.Sheeba should be able to help you.
Pankaj Lath ( Dubai)

The experience that began with skepticism transformed me into a believer, more from the perspective of being able to maintain the weight loss when I go back to the clinic, which is a fantastic feeling.
The changes I have made
Weight -total loss of 25kg.
Health- From no walk to be able to walk 4-5km at least 4times a week.
Lifestyle changes- I avoid .....or junk food during the week completely;I avoid dinner after 9 p.m; I abstain from fried food and cheese etc. Which was the mainstay in my diet for me earlier.
Emotionally and mentally I am more at peace and more confident.
Meenal Meher ( Dubai)